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The thoughts provoked by Shri Sadguru Kaka Maharaj in various discourses over a long period of time have been brought into black and white by Himself, in form of a Book known as Amrutdhara. The first part was published in the year 2001 in Marathi. This book in very simple words has explained the 2 principles promoted by Shri Sadguru Kaka Maharaj i.e. Naam Sadhana and Axiom of Shri Sadguru.


(This Book is now available in English, Hindi and Telugu language.)


Thereafter the Amrutdhara series has been continued forward by compiling the important thoughts and preaching from the discourse of Shri Sadguru Kaka Maharaj. These have been published as Manthan – Amrutdhara Part 2, Manthan – Amrutdhara Part 3, Manthan – Amrutdhara Part 4 and Manthan – Amrutdhara Part 5. The next part is in the making. This series has been profoundly liked by the followers of Shri Sadguru Kaka Maharaj and have helped them see ray of hope in low times both emotionally and physically. It has helped the people reading the book to shed of their sorrows, sickness, laziness in their life and paved a path for a new and fresh beginning without any panic and fear in their mind. The words of Shri Sadguru from Amrutdhara have helped many to become strong and tough. For those seeking eternity these book, if perused wisely will connect you to the all mighty.


Amrutdhara leads answers to may question for a seeker in true scene like what is Naamasmaran, How is to be chanted, are there any qualification to chant the naam, how to be in the remembrance of Shri Sadguru, where Shri Sadguru axiom is, etc. Through these books Shri Sadguru Kaka Maharaj takes a seeker to the right path of faith and perseverance away from the social evils and blind faiths contemplated in religious rites, norms, usages. This has helped many to be not God fearing person but a God loving person. These questions have been answered in very easy language with simple examples from our routine life.


Shri Sadguru Kaka Mahara says. “Amrutdhara is no novel to be read and kept away, it is a book which has to be recited regularly to understand the real every thought. More the times you read the same and new line of thought ignite in your mind. Whenever you are stranded on anything or confused or discomforted just remember Shri Sadguru and turn to any page randomly. The contents of that page will answer your state of mind.


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The word Satsang is made up of two words ‘Sat’ and ‘sang’. Sat (Satya) means eternal truth and sang means companionship. According to the Hindu Philosophy Spirit of God is the only eternal truth which is has presence in every living and nonliving thing, “The Sadgurus” are persons which have realized and experienced the spirit of God through penance and reached the stage of eternal happiness. Sadguru is a person who will be able to guide us to understand and experience the spirit of God. Therefore, the word Satsang means to remain in the companionship of Sadguru by pondering on the thoughts expressed by Sadguru or by thinking about Sadguru.


Shri. Kaka Maharaj conducts Satsang for his followers on every Tuesday in his Shri Saibaba Temple. His followers include persons from all castes, culture and religion. He guides the devotes in personam. Not only that but the feature of the Satsang it theat Shri Maharaj also instigates the Devotees to speak in the Satsang and share their thoughts. Anyone from a small boy to an old man can express himself freely in the satsang.


Shri Kaka Maharaj visualizes the spirit of God in the form of Sadguru Axiom i.e. Sadguru Tatva which is present within our soul. He says that Sadguru who have understood the Sadguru Axiom within themselves are immortal. He advocates the path of Naam Sadhana (penance BY WAY OF CHANTING NAME OF GOD) involving the chanting of name of god [naam]) is the easiest way of understanding and experiencing the Sadguru Axiom. He says that Naam can be chanted by anyone anywhere without any binding of external world.


In his Satsang, Shri Kaka Maharaj expresses the thoughts about Sadguru Axiom and Namsadhana as his principle means of preaching, using very simple words. He has found out that common man is not happy due to various physical, personal, family financial or social problems. He further says that our body is made of Panch Mahabhutas (i.e. five basic elements earth, water, fire, air and ether) which also constitute the world around. These Panch Mahabhutas manifest the Sadguru Axiom and are therefore under the control Shri Sadguru. According to him all the source and cure/ solution to all our problems lies within the panchatatvas i.e. the Sadguru Axiom. So he explains by citing examples from our daily life that how we can pursue naam sadhana to understand Sadguru Axiom residing within ourselves and finally achieve the state of happiness, irrespective of our problems. The satsang of Shri Kaka Maharaj is exceptional in a sense that he encourages his followers to participates and express their views on their understanding of the Sadguru Axiom. His Satsang is an unique experience by itself.


The thoughts expressed by Shri Kaka Maharaj during his satsang are available in the form of C.Ds for sale.


Title of CDs of Discourse available for sale


[The CDs are available only in Marathi]


How to be happy and fearless in daily life?

Materialistic Common Man and NAAM Sadhana [Practice]

Shelter of Shri Sadguru and its significance in our life

Doubts about birth-death and NAAM Sadhana

Our routine problems and Shri Sadguru’s assurance thereupon.

Following Shri Sadguru

Materialistic life and Shri Sadguru Part 1

Materialistic life and Shri Sadguru Part 2

Aim of NAAM Sadhana [practice] AND affection towards Shri. Sadguru

Work based life, one’s sensetivity towards Shri Sadguru

Purity of outer soul and Shri Sadguru

Presence of God within and Shri Sadguru

Good wants, our behavior and all pervasive Shri Sadguru

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Other Literature


A Collection of poems and songs on Shri Maharaj written by Mrs. Leelavati Mohite.



A book comprising 108 verses written about Shri Kaka Maharaj.



A prayer of 108 forms and descriptions of Sadguru Element / Axiom, Shri Shri Maharaj by Sau. Rekha Deolankar.


Aarti Book / CD

A collection of Aarti carried out on every Monday & Thursday in Sai Mandir of P.P. Shri Kaka Maharaj.


Jap CDs / CD

2 CDs of 4 different JAPs (Chanting of Name of GOD)